As Everything Unfolds – Das Debüt “Within Each Lies The Other” erscheint

As Everything Unfolds – Das Debüt “Within Each Lies The Other” erscheint

As Everything Unfolds werden im Frühjahr das Debüt “Within Each Lies The Other” veröffentlichen. Genauer gesagt, erscheint der Silberling am Freitag, den 26.03.2021 via Long Branch Records. Eine erste Single mit “Wallow” gibt es bereits auch.

“Wallow” in voller Länger genießen

Sängerin Charlie Rolfe sagt über die neue Single:

Anger and sadness really drove this track lyrically, it’s a track that has a lot of frustration taken out on it through the use of majority harsh vocals. It’s a song about betrayal, liars and anyone who has ever done anything to you, to make you deliberately feel worthless, a lot of energy is taken out on this song, and we invite you to do the same.

Des Weiteren sagt sie über das Debüt:

This album represents the very best and worst of ourselves, our anger, sadness, vengeance and happiness. We can’t always be the best versions of ourselves and sometimes you need to travel through the hard parts for the happiness to exist in the end. Life is a road of regrets and accomplishments, you need to embrace every aspect of it for creating the person you are now.

Cover & Tracklist

1 On The Inside
2 Take Me There
3 Wallow
4 Stranger In The Mirror
5 I’m Not The Only One
6 Grayscale
7 Stay
8 Let Me Go
9 Hiding From Myself
10 One Last Time
11 Wither

Mehr Infos

Bleibt auf dem Laufenden mit mehr Informationen mitten aus dem Moshpit auf diesen Kanälen:

Bildnachweis: Long Branch Records.