AT THE GATES – Neue EP und Tour für 2019

AT THE GATES – Neue EP und Tour für 2019

Was für ein Start in das Jahr 2019! At The Gates werden am Freitag, den 11. Januar 2019 die zwei E.P.’s „The Pantheons Blind“ und The „Mirror Black“ veröffentlichen. Im Anschluss folgt eine große Tour durch Europa. Moshpit Passion hat euch beide E.P.’s im Detail aufgelistet. Frontmann Tomas sagte über die Releases:

The idea of getting guest vocalists on board for the bonus tracks for the album was us trying something new again…This time we wanted to get other artsists involved in our music, getting their takes on our new songs. It was a pleasure working with everybody and all songs grew immensely in the process. The songs we did with Rob Miller was for me personally something extra. Of course, people who know me, know that I am a massive Amebix fan. And I love the more recent stuff with Tau Cross too. I had no idea what to expect. But the songs grew so goddamn much together with Rob‘s powerful voice. We decided early on that these versions were worthy of their own release. This is for me personally one of the greatest achievements of my career, to share the vocal space with one of my favourite vocalists of all time. I am so proud of this release. Hope everyone else gets as much joy out of it as I do.

Cover & Tracklist

The Mirror Black“ 7

Side A: The Mirror Black (Featuring Rob Miller) (04:38)
Side B: Daggers Of Black Haze (Featuring Rob Miller) (04:47)

„The Pantheons Blind“

01. Daggers Of Black Haze (Featuring Rob Miller) (04:47)
02. The Chasm (Featuring Per Boder) (03:21)
03. A Labyrinth Of Tombs (Featuring Mikael Nox Pettersson) (03:32)
04. Raped By The Light Of Christ (2018) (02:57)
05. The Chasm (Demo Version) (03:21)
06. The Mirror Black (Featuring Rob Miller) (04:38)