Brant Bjork – „Jacoozzi“ Album erscheint im April

Brant Bjork – „Jacoozzi“

Brant Bjork – „Jacoozzi“ Album erscheint im April

Brant Bjork
veröffentlichte erst im September 2018 sein aktuelles Meisterwert „Mankind Woman“, da folgt bereits die nächste Platte im April. Ja, ihr habt richtig gelesen, der Desert Großmeister wird am Freitag, den 5. April 2019 sein neues Album „Jacoozzi“ über Heavy Psych Sounds veröffentlichen. Brant sagt über die Veröffentlichung:

I was much more content with the “jam” tracks as it was a creative release that was needed at that time. I decided to call the collective tracks, Jacoozzi. At the time, it reminded me of the feeling of my first solo recording sessions for my first solo release, Jalamanta….only more “free”. After 8 years in the waiting, it’s nice to finally have this recording I call Jacoozzi released. I feel that the fans of my work will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed performing and recording it.

Cover & Tracklist

Brant Bjork

1. Can’t Out Run The Sun
2. Guerrilla Funk
3. Mexico City Blues
4. Five Hundred Thousand Dollars
5. Black & White Wonderland
6. Oui
7. Mixed Nuts
8. Lost In Race
9. Polarized
10. Do You Love Your World?

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