Cabal – Das Interview zum Album “Drag me Down”


Cabal – Das Interview zum Album “Drag me Down”

Cabal aus Dänemark werden am Freitag, den 03. April 2020 ihren neusten Silberling “Drag me Down” über Long Branch Records veröffentlichen. Wir von Moshpit Passion sprachen mit der Band, um euch das kommende Album schmackhaft zu machen.

Auf ein Wort mit der Band…

You will release a record with a heavy title called „Drag me Down“. What story or concept do you want to tell with this title.

The title stems from the fact that this album deals with a lot of internal struggle and accepting the sacrifices that life demands.

If you compare this work with you last record. What were the major differences when it came to the songwriting?

The major difference between the new record and the last one is probably that the songwriting on the new one is more varied. We’ve tried out some new stuff on this record that we haven’t really used up until now, and all of the songs on this record are less alike each other compared to Mark of Rot.

I like your production. Are you happy with it and how everything turned out?

Thanks, we really like it too. We are very happy with how everything turned out and we have our very own Chris Kreutzfeldt to thank for that. He’s the mastermind behind all of CABAL’s music and takes care of everything from songwriting, recording, producing and mix and mastering. This means that we get to do everything in that regard in-house, which allows us spend oceans of time on every little detail.

Can you tell us the meaning/story of the Death March, Unbound and Tongues?

Death March is ment as a sort of wake up call get people to see the sings that indicate that history seems to be on a path to repeat itself in one of the worst ways imagineable. Unbound is about realizing that even though you might share blood with someone they aren’t necessarily worth calling family. Tongues is basically an agressive rant over a horrible person that tried to ruin a close friend of ours life with false accusations.

I like the artwork of the cover. What can we see here? What is the meaning behind it?

Thanks a bunch, we are really satisfied with how it came out. We can see someone literally being dragged down which we did to try and create a visual representation of the sound of the album.

Who took the design of the cover? Tell us a bit about the creator/artist?

The picture was taken by our good friend and collaborator Nikolai Lund, who just also happens to play in one of our favourite bands Lifesick. He helps us out a lot with creating visual content and also made the musicvideo for “Tongues”. The editing on the picture was done by another friend of ours; the very talented Allan Kristiansen from Studio ABK.

For this album you did some features with Matt Heafy & Kam Song Sternkopf. How did this work out? How did you get in touch?

Matt we meet because Trivium and CABAL played this big Danish metal festival called Copenhell. We ended up hanging out with Matt for a bit, who just happens to be one of the nicest dudes in metal, and we just asked him if he wanted to jump on a track with us. Kim is actually one of our really good personal friends and Møl and CABAL have actually played a lot of shows together, Kim actually made the artwork for our debut Mark of Rot. Besides all of that he also just happens to be a killer vocalist, so it just made a lot of sense to have him do a feature on the album.

What do you like about the music of Trivium & Møl? Which influences do you have besides both bands.

Both bands are really great in their own way. Trivium was one of the breakout bands of early 00’s wave of Metalcore bands and have been very influential in that scene. Everyone in this band were listening to them when we were teens. Møl is one of our favorite bands from Denmark and in our humble opinion the very best band on the Blackgaze scene.

We all have a lot different influences as we all listen to a lot different music, but Meshuggah is obviously a very inspiration for us.

What are your next plans? Do you have any live plans for fall/winter when covid-19 peek is over?

All of our plans for this spring got killed by the Covid crisis, but we will be playing a lot of shows all over Europe this Fall.

Do you plan some kind of live stream concerts? release show while it is not allowed to play live shows

Not really, we just use this time off to focus on other stuff that we now have more time for. We actually just ended up moving our release show for the new album all the into August.

Can you tell us a crazy/lame/funny or sad moshpit experience?

We had someone discolate their knee very bad a show once, he was screaming so loud we could it through the music and we had to stop the show and have him carried out and picked up by an ambulance. Don’t know if thats crazy, lame, funny or sad, but it was very memorable at least.

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Bildnachweis: Nikolai Lund.