Climate of Fear – Das Interview zu „The Onset of enternal Darkness“

Climate fo Fear - Das Interview zu

Climate of Fear – Das Interview zu „The Onset of enternal Darkness“

Wer dachte, die Mitglieder von Desolated würden nach der Auflösung der Band inaktiv werden und die Jungs von Cold Hard Truth nur den monotonen Beatdown nachgehen, der hat sich deutlich getäuscht. Bereits 2018 erschien die erste E.P. von Climate of Fear welche jene Mitglieder der angesprochenen Bands beinhaltet. 12 Monate später kündigt die Kapelle ein komplettes neues Album mit dem Titel „The Onset of enternal Darkness“, an. Wir sprachen mit Frontmann Paul über die Band und das neue Album.

Frontmann Paul im Gespräch über das Debütalbum

Cold Hard Truth meets Desolated. Both bands are known for their heavy music in Hardcore/Beatdown. Please tell us the story of Climate of Fear.

We started just jamming together as friends and we all knew each other from the touring circuit and started writing the first EP with just the motive to write the music we all enjoy. Following the release we toured and played shows all over the UK and Europe and are now ready to release our debut album.

What is the current status of CHT and Desolated?
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Any questions you have for our other bands send them over separately. I would like to talk about the Climate of Fear album.

Instead of playing Hardcore you decided to play a wild mix of Death Metal and Black Metal. What are your musical influences?

We have a wide range of influences that we bring into COF and each member brings their own influence but the main we are influenced by include Behemoth, Pantera, At the Gates and Arkangel.

How would you describe the development between your E.P. and your debut record?

We have evolved the sound and expanded on some of the ways we write with different influences being brought in, as well with newer members who have joined since the EP was brought out and have brought their own influence to writing. The record is a lot more mature compared to the EP and hopefully people will like it!!

Some songs of the new record sounding like that you have two singers. But I think it´s just you who is singing in different styles. Was this conversion strange for the voice?

No it wasn’t strange as a band we always like to push ourselves musically and the same applies with me. As a vocalist I like to hear a wide range and it was great to be able to put that range down on this record.

Some of the new tracks are about anti capitalism and anti racism. How do you see the world at the moment? What can we do better?

The world has a very negative feel about it at the moment and certainly the rise of extremism and racism in recent years is a sad state of affairs however both of these are not recent problems and go hand in hand. Howe can do better? I would encourage people to look beyond the headlines and challenge information given to them.

I really like the artwork of the new record. Can you tell us a bit about that?

We wanted the art to capture the record and I found this artist online called Mario Teodosio ( and as soon as I saw his first draft I knew he was our guy. The idea of a deathly figure dancing through the fires of an apocalyptic scene captures the idea that if we carry on abusing the planet and society like this then that will be the end result.

When and where can we see COF here in Germany again? Which plans do you have after your release?

The plan is to carry on where we left off and play as many places as we can, We will be back in Germany and we are currently planning tours however we have nothing confirmed just yet.

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell his or her first or last moshpit experience. Can you tell us a nice story?

The first moshpit I ever went in was a slipknot one on the Iowa album that was crazy and as far as a nice story I once broke my jaw at a show and was unable to talk properly for 3 months.

Thank you Paul! I hope to see you soon!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the band so far and for Moshpit Passion for sending in the questions we will see you on tour soon!!

Cover & Tracklist

"The Onset of enternal Darkness" Cover


Owen Derrill, Bass (also in: Cold Hard Truth)
Alfie Armour, Guitar (also in: World Truth)
Paul Williams, Vocals (also in: Desolated)
George Bigneil, Drums (Cold Hard Truth)
Sam Ellis Thompson, Guitar (Cold Hard Truth)