Entombed im Interview über „Clandestine“


Entombed im Interview über „Clandestine“

Entombed veröffentlichten Ende Mai ihre neue Live-Platte „Clandestine“, welche ihr euch HIER bestellen könnt. Wir sprachen mit Alex über die Platte und den nächsten Plänen der Band. Mehr Interviews findet ihr HIER oder HIER auf Youtube.


Auf ein Wort mit Alex über die neue Scheibe

Guys, when was for you the decision to do a live record of „Clandestine“?

alex: Hello! It was something that came out of the project of playing the album with an orchestra. The first time we did it was with a chamber (half a full symphonic orchestra roughly) orchestra in 2013. A fan who was part of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra (at the time) sent us some orchestrations of a few songs in 2005 (Chief Rebel Angel from Morning Star and DCLXVI from To Ride…) which was great and planted a little seed that it would be interesting to do something like that sometime. Around that time we also received a letter from someone who described how clandestine would be suited for orchestration. So, when we got a question a few years later (2010/2011) if we wanted to play with an orchestra I had already been thinking about it for some time and knew exactly what we should play – Clandestine from start to finish. So, we did say yes and got to meet Thomas von Wachenfeldt who had been hired to help with the orchestrations. Thomas grew up listening to Clandestine so it all seemed perfect and meant to be.

When we were inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame in 2014 they. Perfect. asked if we wanted to do a intimate show afterward and I told the producer about this project we were developing where we play with an orchestra. The opportunity to play with a full Symphonic orchestra in Malmö came out of this and we then also decided that it would be great to also play the album as a band from start to finish for the first time. It so happened that this all coincided with the 25th-anniversary of Clandestine too.

What makes from your point of view „Clandestine“ to a special record?

It was our second album and we were playing on the very edge of our ability. I think it got a great mix of madness and uncontrolled energy that makes the whole thing a little dangerous as it could come crashing in on itself at any point. It is an exciting sounding record and there is so much going on…a lot of which is hard to pick out, which is another reason why I felt it was cool take a real close look at this album show it to people again.

Die gute, alte Vergangenheit

Do You remember what your dreams and goals were around the time when you recorded that album?

a: we had released our first album (Left Hand Path) the year before and were all very new to the game. We didn’t take any of it for granted and did not know what to expect. LHP was mainly compiled out of our first 3-4 demos as Nihilist and Entombed (it is the same band we just changed the name because there was a US band called Nihilist (a fun side note is that two of the guys now play in BlackBerry Smoke)). Anyway, I remember my dreams being very modest and wondering if we would get to do another album if the first one sold 100 copies or so. Nicke was anxious to start working on new material as soon as possible and asked Earache about doing a second album pretty soon after the first one came out.We didn’t have a singer but didn’t see that as a problem either.

We had played a show with Candlemass and Athiest and were really influenced by the technicality of Athiest. A big influence.

How was it to reunite with the old friends of the past?

It was perfect. Great time to get the band back in shape and it felt like they’d never left. Both Nicke and Uffe are of course always present in Entombed and it felt like they never left.

How was your friendship over the years?

Good. We stayed in touch and I always felt that just because they did not play live with us it didn’t mean that they weren’t still in the nad spiritually. They were always part of the family.

How was the feeling when you did the rehearsals for the show?

Great!! I was never nervous about it. I knew that Nicke and Uffe would switch straight back into Entombed mood as soon we got into a room together. It was like they had never been away.

How was the vibe?

a: very cool. We also had Nicke’s brother – Edvin Aftonfalk, and his bandmate from Morbus Chron – Robert Andersson. They fit right in with us elders.

Über die Pläne der Band

Tell us a bit about the venue where you recorded the live album?

a: The venue is called Malmö Live and was the brand new concert house in Malmö, Sweden. A very modern venue.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

a: We talk about recording new material and also release the first part of the concert where the album is oerformed by MSO (Malmö Symphonic Orchestra). I also plan to release a new project which I am looking forward to very much.

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing, our interview partner should tell his or her first or last moshpit experience. Can you tell us a nice story?

A: It was probably at Metallica in 1986, Cliff Burton’s last show. He gave us some beer from the stage in a cup and was just so cool. I still have a Hetfield guitar pick from that evening somewhere. It was a very special evening that I akways keep with me.

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