Exylle – Das Thrash Whiplash Interview

Exylle – Das Thrash Whiplash Interview

Exylle aus Brasilien machen feinsten Thrash Metal. Wir haben uns die junge Band aus Brasilien geschnappt und die Herren euch etwas genauer vorgestellt.

Die Band im Interview

Please introduce yourself to the Thrash scene. Who is doing what?
Hey there guys!

My name is Kevin, i’m the guitar player of Exylle, brazilian thrash band formed in 2014. Currently the band is Victor Hugo (Vocal/Bass), Isaac Murilo (Drums), Winicius Rodrigues(Rhythm Guitar) and me, Kevin Vieira(Solo Guitar).

When did you get the idea to create a band with the focus on Thrash? What do like about this genre?

Since highschool, me and Victor were big metal fans. We got closer because of the shirts we wore every day, and then we decided to form the Exylle. In the beginning we tried all kinds of sounds, until we found ourselves in Thrash Metal. 
What I like most about Thrash Metal is the energy, the vibe and the theme behind the style.

Which is your current record? When and where was it released?

We have released our first self-titled album in August 2019, it is available on all streaming platforms. The physical material was released at a venue called Hangar, here in Curitiba. It was a big party, sold out. We were very honored with all the support we received.

Where can people buy your merch and music?

To have access to our material it is possible to contact us on our facebook page, send an email to ExylleOficial@gmail.com or on our bandcamp.

All right this is the real talk part. Which band had a major impact to your

Specifically Exodus, Slayer, Kreator (People of the Lie was one of the first songs we played as a band), even reaching a strand of death metal like Obituary, Hypocrisy and Bloodbath.

Big four or teutonic four?

I really like the bands of big four, but teutonic bring this aggressive and thrash vibe to the present days, so today is Teutonic Four!

What is your all time favourite Thrash record?

This is a difficult question, but an album that I like to sit down, open a beer and enjoy is “So far, so good so what…” from Megadeth.

Can you drop us your favourite record of 2020 so far?

Definitely is Warbringer – Weapons of Tomorrow !
Do you have a Thrash Metal Idol? Singer? Guitar player?
I’m a really big fan of Scott Ian from Anthrax! His down picks is insane.

Which LP artwork do you worship most and why?

The cover of Chaos AD from Sepultura is a masterpiece, shines in its simplicity.

If you could, which band would you allow to play in your house or

Man, there are so many bands that I would bring but now I will choose just one: Demolition Hammer.

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