Faüst im Thrash Whiplash Interview

Faüst im Thrash Whiplash Interview

Fäust sind ein Trio aus der Slowakei, welches in diesen Tagen ihre Debüt-7″ mit drei Tracks HIER veröffentlichen. Uns hat der Silberling so gut gefallen, dass wir der Band eine Platform geben wollen, sich im Interview vorzustellen.

Auf ein Wort mit Faüst

Please introduce yourself to the Thrash scene. Who is doing what?

HEY! We are power trio combining thrash with doom metal…or at least we are trying it. Basically we`ve been together for 5 years starting as Coldblooded Fish then renaming ourselves as CBF (Candlemass But Faster). We`ve released one album under this name called Malvarma. Then we`ve changed the name once again to FAÜST. Through the years we have been through some lineup changes but the core remained the same. Honza is the OG member and drummer. Kryštof is playing guitar and singing. Jenda is the ultimate bass mastermind.

When did you get the idea to create a band with the focus on Thrash? What do like about this genre?

J: I think at some point of our lives (5 years ago) we wanted to play thrash and met each other at the right time.
H: All I wanted was to play metal. I didn`t really care if it was heavy or power or whatever, but I found guys willing to play thrash, so we started a band. First attempt was in 2012, I think.
K: The thing I love about the genre is that we can mix bunch of genres that we like together and the thrashers can still enjoy it.
J: Agrression and speed!

Which is your current record? When and where was it released?

H: On the 11th of September we have released selftitled 7“ which is available online and will be aveilable on October 20th on vinyl through Support Underground records. Hopefully this year we will also release a tape via Tapes of Terror Records.

Where can people buy your merch and music?

H: We have shitloads of it on gigs and also online – bandcamp, facebook, instagram. Just write us!!

All right this is the real talk part. Which band had a major impact to your music?

J: I think we can all agree on Nuclear Assault and Candlemass
K: I was highly influenced by Pantera at the start, but now I try to take inspiration from bunch of bands such as Midnight, Voivod and others

Big four or teutonic four?

H: For me it used to be Big four definitely few years ago. Now I would go for Teutonic probably.
K: I had it the same as Honza. I grew up listening to the Big Four but I started to listen to the Teutonic a little more now. But I would most likely choose just a few from each.
J: Today none. Few years ago Teutonic.

What is your all time fav. Thrash record?

J: Reign in Blood!
H: Game over, for sure.
K: Retaliation by Carnivore although it`s more crossover thrash.

Can you drop us your fav. record of 2020 so far?

J: For me its gonna be one of these: Vole – Dej Bůh Pěstí, Knife – For An Eye Damnation Rock n Roll, Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism or Voivod – End Of Dormancy Ep
K: For sure it`s not the new album from Six Feet Under.

Do you have a Thrash Metal Idol? Singer? Guitar player?

H: I would go for Gene Hoglan, even when some of his bands are not my taste, he is really great. Second would be Dave Lombardo.
J: Dan Lilker. Always liked his sound and he made me think and care about the world a bit.
K: Goddamn Piggy man, what a legend! He`s making me think about the guitar in a whole different way than I was used to. And then ofc I worship Lombardo just cause he`s a fucking beast.

Which LP artwork do you worship most and why?

J: this is goddamn hard question! It`s like trying to figure out which one of your kids is your favourite…maybe its Anal Cunt – Howard is Bald.
H: I really love Kill `em all, I love how simple it is, but my most favorite is Endless pain.
K: For me it`s gotta be Somewhere back in time, mostly for the background details, but simply it`s just an amazing artwork.

If you could, which band would you allow to play in your house or

J: Definitely Motörhead, no matter what lineup it would be.
H: For me it`s Twisted sister in a first place. Second would be probably Running wild. Those are missing in my bucket list from teen years.
K: I think the ultimate party band for this kind of event would be our local Exorcizphobia.

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