Firing Squad – Im Interview über die Band und Musik

Firing Squad – Im Interview über die Band und Musik

Firing Squad werden am 10. November ihre Single „Police State of Mind“ offiziell veröffentlichen. Wir schnappten uns die New Yorker Thrasher, um über die Band und Single zu sprechen!

Auf ein Wort mit der Band

Please introduce us yourself you had a lot of line up changes over the years. Who is doing what?

My name is Jack Weiss. I play rhythm guitar and write the lyrics in Firing Squad. Will Lange is our singer and lead guitarist. He and I write all the songs together. Elliot Mangione plays bass, and Alan Rosenbaum plays drums.

When did you get the idea to create a band with the focus on Thrash Metal?

Thrash has always been my favorite subgenre of metal. Will, Elliot, and I were in our first thrash band from 2015 to 2019. We were all like 15 when we started playing together. Since that band broke up we’ve been focusing on Firing Squad. We’re all a bit older and our songwriting abilities have improved.

Why did you decide to rebuilt your band and release new music?

Our last group just wasn’t working out and we wanted to do something more serious. We’re firing on all cylinders now.

Which band had a major impact to your music? Or even the new record?

Power Trip is a gigantic influence on our new song, “Police State of Mind.” I was really trying to channel Riley Gale’s lyrical style when I was writing this one.

What can you tell us about your new record? Where do you see a difference to your previous works?

This song is definitely more straightforward than some of our other stuff. Way more punk influenced but still heavy. I think this single has a real frenetic energy to it.

What helped you to got a step beyond the reach the next level?

Dave and Rob at Darkworld Studio have always been great to us and we owe a lot to them for letting us come in and record. They did an amazing job on the new single.

From your point of view. How does the next step of your band look like?

We’re hoping to get back to playing gigs as soon as the pandemic is over. But in the meantime, we’re going to continue writing and recording new material to try to keep the momentum up.
Please choose one option and explain.

James Hetfield or Scott Ian?

Scott Ian! Best right hand in the game. Plus, Will, Elliot, and I all met through Scott at a heavy metal songwriting workshop he hosted five years ago. We’ve gotten to play with Scott a couple times and it’s always a blast. We’re still tight with him, and it’s a relationship I’m very grateful to have.

Mehr Infos

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