Hideous Divinity im Plausch über den Gig auf dem Dong Open Air


Hideous Divinity im Plausch über den Gig auf dem Dong Open Air

Hideous Divinity gehören wohl zu der brutalsten Art von Bands, die auf dem Dong Open Air 2019 ordentlich das geben werden. Als Medienpartner 2019 stellen wir euch daher die Tech-Death Metal Jungs etwas genauer vor:

Stefano von Hideous Divinity im Interview mit Moshpit Passion

Please introduce us yourself, our readers of Moshpit Passion and the visitors of the Dong Open Air 2019.

Hi there! This is Stefano speaking, just wanted to say thank you for both the interview and the invitation to the fest on behalf of the whole band!

Tell us a bit about your important milestones as a band? What would do you want to achieve in the future?

Definitely touring alongside of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Origin and many more and currently our first tour ever in the U.S. Supporting Aborted, Cryptopsy and Benighted. Lately we just got signed by Century Media Records, so we are all looking forward to the release of our new album!

How would you describe the sound of your band to someone who never heared it before? List three similar bands.

Our sound is mainly death metal with some darker vibes borrowed by black metal too. If I had to list some bands I would say Hate Eternal and Nile among those who come to mind as we speak.

Tell us a bit about your current release? What is the name, topic and your mission statement?

New album is due out later this year, probably this autumn. Still discussing the name so let’s keep it a bit of a secret now hehe, but our goal is to bring what we achieved with Adveniens to a whole new level – darker, heavier and more violent.

How can fans support you as a „small band“?

By spreading the word, listening to our music and tell their friends about us, and obviously coming to shows and festivals like DOA is important for the band in terms of visibility.

Please show us a music video so that we can get a small taste of your music. What is the story behind that song/video?

this is one of the chapters of our concept album Adveniens on a violent and prophetic reflection on art through history. We also have a thing for movies, so every album’s concept is based on a specific movie (Cronenberg’s videodrome in the case of Adveniens) with every song representing a chapter. This is also the case for Feeding Off The Blind.

Hideous freuen sich auf Mount Moshmore

Why are you playing at the Dong? What do you know about the festival? What does is make it special?

It’s always been on our ‘radar’ of German festivals to play, plus we like its consistency through the past editions and the blend of genres thay make the whole festival really to all the metal fans out there.

How does it feel to share the stage with global player like Steel Panther, Alestorm, Kataklysm, Glory Hammer? Will you also watch concerts or enjoy the beer?

Those names speak by themselves, it is a great pleasure to be part of the festival roster! Actually our vocalist has a bit of an obsession for Steel Panther haha. We’ll make sure we do both!!

Our Magazin is called Moshpit Passion and our interview partners tell us at least a nice moshpit story. Do you have cool story which you want to share?

I can tell you a few. Usually our singer during one of our songs (‘Messianica’) throws himself into the pit and the fans love it! During our show at Decimation Fest in Spain last march this resulted in a split lip and tons of bruises. But he says it was worth it haha

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Der Zeitplan ist online!

Ihr wartet schon seit Wochen auf den Zeitplan? Wir haben die Lösung! Hier im Beitrag findet ihr alles Bands und alle Zeiten.


13:15 Metal Battle GER
14:20 Source of Rage (Metal Battle GER)
15:25 AngelInc
16:30 Elvellon
17:35 Wulfpäck
18:40 Septicflesh
20:00 Battle Beast
21:30 Kataklysm
Party mit DJ Benne


11:45 Snakebite
12:50 Victim
13:55 Craving
15:00 Deathcode Society
16:05 The Crimson Ghosts
17:10 Impureza
18:15 Storm Seeker
19:20 Dog Eat Dog
20:50 Insomnium
22:30 Alestorm
Party mit DJ Benne


11:45 Rising Insane
12:50 Solar Fragment
13:55 Silius
15:00 Blessed Hellride
16:05 Hideous Divinity
17:10 Bloodywood
18:15 Dust Bolt
19:35 Deserted Fear
21:15 Steel Panther
23:15 Gloryhammer
Party mit DJ Benne

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