Impureza im Plausch über das DONG 2019 & der Timetable ist online


Impureza im Plausch über das DONG 2019 & der Timetable ist online

Wir sprachen mit Impureza über deren Gig auf dem Dong Open Air 2019. Die Band freut sich auf Mount Moshmore in Neukirchen-Vlyun, so viel können wir euch verraten. Aber es gibt noch weitere Neuigkeiten zu verkünden! Das Festival ist zu 85% ausverkauft. Das bedeutet, es sind noch 15% an Tickets verfügbar (einfache Mathematik). Die Veranstalter gehen davon aus, dass in wenigen Wochen vor dem offiziellen Start, es keine Karten mehr geben wird. Das bedeutet für euch, ihr solltet euch schnell Karten HIER besorgen.

Impureza im Gespräch

Please introduce us yourself, our readers of Moshpit Passion and the visitors of the Dong Open Air 2019.

Hello Kai, before to present myself and the band i would like to thanks Dong Open Air to make us play at the fest and to thank you too for these interview. We are proud to make part of this fantastic event in Germany. I’m Lionel but you can call me Lion too, as they used to do in English in general, into the band my role is to play electric guitar and spanish guitar too.

Tell us a bit about your important milestones as a band? What would do you want to achieve in the future?

We played several times at Hellfest (2 times) 2007 and 2011, 1 time at Wacken open air in 2015, and two time at Motocultor Fest in France in 2008 & 2012. We played also in more little stages with great bands as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation or Cannabis Corpse. We look to play more and with more bigger bands at bigger festivals and gigs !! 😉

How would you describe the sound of your band to someone who never heared it before? List three similar bands.

Namhafte Einflüsse hat die Bands

Impureza combines death metal with new and old school influences, with spanish and south america floklore like flamenco stuff or indian ambiances. It’s why we called it “Hispanic Extreme Metal”.

Tell us a bit about your current release? What is the name, topic and your mission statement?

Actually We have 2 Albums and 1 ep. In 2010 we released our first album “La Iglesia del Odio” wich was directed in a more spanish inquisition atmosphere. This last year we recorded our last material ” La Caida de Tonatiuh” that is oriented this time in a south america ambiance.

How can fans support you as a „small band“?

Like, share and ultime devotion!

Please show us a music video so that we can get a small taste of your music. What is the story behind that song/video?

In the name of their gods the Aztec people makes human sacrifices in order to feed and honour their divinities. These sacrifices and rituals allow to preserve the balance of nature and thus bring prosperity and protection to the whole dynasty. The Aztec vow an adoration and submission cult to their gods. The rite of human sacrifice is practised regularly and massively.

Bald schlägt es Dong! Auch für die Band

Why are you playing at the Dong? What do you know about the festival? What does is make it special?

We play at Dong i think because we have been invited or selected. Personnally i dont have any link with somebody there but it’s a very pleasure to play there even !! I dunno well if i’m wrong but i believe there is only one stage for every bands that is a very cool fact cause for the first time we will enjoy to play with bigger bands at the same level of tecnhical commodities. I’m also curious to discover the real ambient cause of the location in the country side…i love country sides.

How does it feel to share the stage with global player like Steel Panther, Alestorm, Kataklysm, Glory Hammer? Will you also watch concerts or enjoy the beer?

It will be just awesome, i think we will have a lot of fun with such that bands !!! And with the pit peoples !!! We are so hurry to play and share some good beers with you all and the cows !!!!

Our Magazin is called Moshpit Passion and our interview partners tell us at least a nice moshpit story. Do you have cool story which you want to share?

I enjoy a lot when people try to sing our song but they dont know spanish, so they make a sort of air vocal with one movement always repeated… its quite creepy sometimes cause they seems possessed !!!!

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Der Timetable ist online

Fans aufgepasst, hier findet ihr den Timetable. Änderungen sind möglich! Daher schaut am Tag selber auf der Website vom Dong um die neusten Informationen zu erhalten.


13:15Metal Battle GER
14:20 Source of Rage (Metal Battle GER)
15:25 AngelInc
16:30 Elvellon
17:35 Wulfpäck
18:40 Septicflesh
20:00 Battle Beast
21:30 Kataklysm
Party mit DJ Benne


11:45 Snakebite
12:50 Victim
13:55 Craving
15:00 Deathcode Society
16:05 The Crimson Ghosts
17:10 Impureza
18:15 Storm Seeker
19:20 Dog Eat Dog
20:50 Insomnium
22:30 Alestorm
Party mit DJ Benne


11:45 Rising Insane
12:50 Solar Fragment
13:55 Silius
15:00 Blessed Hellride
16:05 Hideous Divinity
17:10 Bloodywood
18:15 Dust Bolt
19:35 Deserted Fear
21:15 Steel Panther
23:15 Gloryhammer
Party mit DJ Benne

Bildnachweis: Impureza.