Evildead im Interview über Thrash Metal

Evildead im Interview über Thrash Metal

Evildead sind zurück und konnten bereits Ende der 80iger und Anfang der 90iger ordentlich Staub im Thrash Metal aufwirbeln. Der neue Silberling “United States Of Anarchy”, welcher am 30. Oktober 2020 über Steamhammer/SPV erscheint, setzt da an, wo die Band aufgehört hat. Im Interview reden wir u. a. über die neue Platte und die Kapelle stellt sich unseren Hardfacts!

Auf ein Wort mit Evildead

Please introduce us yourself as you had a lot of line up changes over the years. Who is doing what?

Karlos: I’m Karlos Medina, Bassist for EvilDead

Juan: Juan Garcia, Guitarist for EvilDead and Body Count.

When did you get the idea to create a band with the focus on Thrash Metal?

Juan: Probably in the mid 80’s after leaving Agent Steel for the 1st time, I wanted to form a band with a little more of an aggressive sound than my previous band for some reason; so I got together with members of Abattoir and together with Rob Alaniz on drums we formed EvilDead.

Why did you decide to rebuild your band and release new music?

Juan: We tried a few times to reform the band in 2009 to play live shows mainly, and that went real good. Then in 2011 we recorded a new EVILDEAD song “Blasphemy Divine” and released it for free on the internet, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we got serious about the possibility or recording a new studio album. Once we got our original singer Phil Flores back in the band things became more serious and everyone was on the same page about creating new music for a possible new album. To me, it felt like unfinished business; something we wanted to do for the fans and the metal community alike. I know it’s been 29 years since our last studio album “The Underworld” but to me this new EvilDead album “United States of Anarchy” is right up there with our previous releases.

Which band had a major impact to your music? Or even the new record?

Karlos Medina: Rush, and Iron Maiden, mainly because of the bass ability of Geddy Lee and the attack talents of Steve Harris.

Juan Garcia: Iron Maiden and Judas Priest because they had this amazing sound, and were great songwriters who delivered a great live performance. Also bands like Saxon, and Scorpions also had an influence on me to wanting to become a better guitarist and tour the world. As far as albums that had an influence on me; I would say Kiss “Alive” and later on Iron Maiden “Killers” for sure made me get serious about playing guitar and improving my skills.

What can you tell us about your new record? Where do you see a difference to your previous works?

Karlos Medina: For one thing, It takes off where our first two records left off. Some bands grow out of their sound and change into some new band sometimes, but this lineup had the right idea to keep the Evildead sound, down to the style and ability.

Juan Garcia: The new album is a continuation of our previous work. It includes songs about social issues, governmental issues, environmental issues, war, religion, human conditions, it’s an Evildead album, if you are familiar with our sound, you will understand and enjoy the new album. We are proud of the new music we have to offer.

What helped you to get a step beyond to reach the next level?

Karlos Medina: It really wasn’t any effort to get here, at least for me, but it was quite organic and as everyone in the band is mature in their talents, it made everything flow quite naturally.

Juan Garcia: I think as you get older you learn to appreciate the time together in a band, and the opportunity to create something special like a new music. We are grateful to have the opportunity to record this new collection of “thrash metal” classics and release this new album. It was a lot of work but well worth our efforts. The key to the new album was that we all had one common goal; and that was to create something special for the fans.

From your point of view. How does the next step of your band look like?

Juan Garcia: Our next step is wait and see, what I mean by that is we need to get passed this pandemic first, and then once we get the green light; our goal is to perform live, in the meantime we will probably put out an official music video, and possibly do a live stream to promote our new record. We do want to tour and support this album, but we will do that when it’s safe to tour, we do not want to be reckless and play shows in the middle of a pandemic.

Die Band im Kreuzverhör!

Vinyl or Tape?

Karlos Medina: I’m a sucker for cover art, and so just by size, I will have always go with vinyl. You just cannot get a big fold out album cover artwork with a cassette tape. Although, in the 80’s and 90’s I enjoyed tapes because I would buy the vinyl and record it to cassette tapes to play the hell out of it without worry of scratching or wearing it out. Also I could trade tapes or just give them away to share some great songs that I’ve discovered. But those tapes were all blanks that were recorded from my vinyls.

Battle vest or band shirt?

Juan Garcia: I prefer official band shirts; I dislike bootleg shirts. I also like basic one-color designs shirts; occasionally I like full color shirts. Depending on my mood I can choose from my collection of favorite band shirts to wear, my favorite to go shirts would probably be Motorhead or Kreator.

Big Four or Teutonic four?

Juan: Probably the Big four because we’re from America and they had an influence on the metal scene in a big way over here.

Master of Puppets or Raining Blood?

Juan Garcia: I prefer Slayer – “Reign In Blood” album; it’s compact and to the point with a furious sound. The song “Raining Blood” is a masterpiece.

James Hetfield or Scott Ian?

Juan Garcia: I think Scott Ian is a fantastic rhythm guitarist, but I prefer James Hetfield as a songwriter, both are great however.

Derrick Green or Max Cavalera?

Juan Garcia: Tough question, both are awesome at what they do for sure! I like the early Sepultura records, and had the opportunity to work on a song with Max with Body Count in 2017 called “All Love is Lost” so I favor Max Cavalera.

Best Thrash-Album of 2020?

Juan Garcia: Good question! There’s a few, the new Heathen sounds fantastic! Also Testament “Titans of Creation” has a stellar sound. I’m a bit bias because I also think Body Count – “Carnivore” is a heavy release. So is the new EvilDead album!

Most epic cover ever?

Juan Garcia: cover song? Or album cover? I’ll do both…. Album cover: “Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden. Cover song: that’s a tough one, I like Testament cover of “Rapid Fire” by Judas Priest; also Metallica has done some great covers like “I’m I Evil” “The Wait” “Mercyful Fate” medley. I like cover songs.

Which band wrote the best Thrash intro of a record?

Juan Garcia: Slayer – “Hell Awaits” because it rules.

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