Interview mit “From Ashes to New” zu “Panic”

From Ashes to New

Interview mit “From Ashes to New” zu “Panic”

Wir von Moshpit Passion sprachen mit Sänger “Matt Brandyberry” über das erschienene Album “Panic” und über die Band selbst. Und haben noch für die deutschen Fans eine Nachricht hinterlassen, also schaut rein!

1.       2 years after your previous Album “Future” you are releasing your new album soon. How would you, as a band, describe your transformation from your first EP to “Panic”?

We are so much more in sync with ourselves and our fans and our mutual experiences, fears, likes, searches for peace and our general anxiety in our day to lives

2.      Which songs of “Panic” are your favourites and which one would you say represents you the most in the current situation?
Well, obviously PANIC which is such a part of our World, but also BULLETPROOF and NOTHING and BRICK.  With being at home for the last six months and not seeing light at the end of the tunnel.. PANIC says it all.
3.     How is the progress of writing, is everyone in the band writing on songs?
We start with a vibe, a chorus, a feeling, a beat maybe, and most often a great riff or melody line, and we generally go from there seeing what works as we start to weave a song into a feeling as a whole .
4.     What job would you do for living if you were no musicians?
I would probably build houses and design stuff for functionality.  Lance would be a professional gamer making millions while people watched him play..  Danny would probably be the next great singer like Sinatra meets My Chemical Romance, and Matt would own the largest set of Drums in the world and people would pay to see it.. He also would be the highest paid male model.
5.     You have a guest on your upcoming album. With which musician or bands would you love to do a collaboration?
MIKE SHINODA or EMINEM in that order. But lately I would say MGK too. It would be a dream..  ….  We had Anders from IN FLAMES do a verse in “Scars that I’m Hiding” and Johnny 3 Tears from Hollywood Undead on “Bulletproof”.
6.    Do you plan to tour after Covid- 19, I mean in case live shows are allowed again. Is there any chance to see you on tour in Europe ?
We were excited to come to eight cities in Germany this summer..and then the Covid came.  Hopefully we can come there in Summer 2021. We love the German audience.. They hold nothing back. They don’t accept bullshit, they make a band go to the next level.
7.      What were your funniest moments on stage or on tour?
We were playing Arenas with FFDP and Lance was playing inside a giant plastic inflatable bubble and being passed thru the crowd, and instead of pushing him back to the stage they started to pass him up and back to the farthest part of the arena.. He didn’t make it back to the stage until halfway into the next song.
8.     What do you prefer more, recording in the studio or touring?
Touring is what makes us do what we do.. The interaction with fans and friends all over the world..different cultures, different beliefs but one love united… rocking till there is nowhere higher to go..
9.     Do you like to play more live at club shows or at festivals?
We love them both.. Obviously playing in front of fifty thousand people is beyond worldly but we actually play a club while visualizing we are in a stadium.. Come see us… you’ll get it..
10.   Last question: Do you have a special moshpit experience?
Special? I have been examined more by audiences than a physical exam at a doctors office. I would have to say in the early days when we were playing with big bands, there were a few times that I was passed into the crowd, and had to walk back around the side of the stage and show my stagepass to get back to the showstage.
Und hier noch eine persönliche Nachricht der Band:
Hey, thanks  and Germany stay safe until we see you…hopefully soon  .We love you guys.. We’re already friends…We just haven’t met you all in person yet.
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