Interview with Metal Blast about the Arch Enemy copyright case

Interview with Metal Blast about the Arch Enemy

Interview with Metal Blast about the Arch Enemy copyright case

We from Moshpit Passion, a German based onlinezine did an interview with J of Metal Blast about the Arch Enemy copyright case. The shitstorm against Arch Enemy, their management, Thunderball Clothing and Metal Blast during a time of love, peace and family became within hours the number one topic of the Metal scene and can change the future behavior between concert photographers/mags and bands/management. This is not what we all want!

Why are we doing an interview and talk about the situation?

Moshpit Passion is offering also concert pictures for our readers on our website, social media and in near future also as a printed version (magazine), we will also be affected by the fact (like every photographer/publisher will be), that Angela Gossow stated HERE in a post on Facebook:

…The result: artists are trying to gain control over the situation again by having photographers sign a bunch of paperwork. We havent done anything like that so far. …

what I (Kjo, founder & chief editor of Moshpit Passion) don’t want is a big paperwork contract for magazines and photographers, where people will be limited in their art (taking pictures) and maybe (it is depending on the upcoming Arch Enemy photo contract) giving their work for free away so that 3. party people can do profits. A legal term letter would be something different (what is allowed and what not by taking pictures on a show incl. the rules for the evening).

We know that feelings got hurt and the situation is over heated at the moment. Everbody is doing mistakes day by day, but to black list photographers, bashing bands, lieing or badmouth people/a company can’t be the solution in a community. Sorry, OUR Metal community! And a divided community is not what we/I want. However we decided to discuss with J of Metal Blast (the photographer of the famous Alissa picture) about the situation.

In generell we hope at least J/Metal Blast and the AE side incl the band, management and Thunderball Clothing will have a chat about it and find a positive solution so that everybody will be happy.

Research before you watch the interview

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Interview with J of Metal Blast

Bildnachweis: Metal Blast .