KADAVAR – “The Isolation Tapes” kommt im Oktober

KADAVAR – “The Isolation Tapes” kommt im Oktober

Kadavar melden sich zur Freude ihrer Fans zurück. Im Oktober wird über das eigene Label Robotor Records das neue Album “The Isolation Tapes” erscheinen. Ihr solltest euch daher Freitag, den 23. Oktober 2020 dick im Kalender anstreichen. Eine erste Videosingle mit „Everything Is Changing“ gibt es bereits auch. Lupus Lindemann sagt über die Platte:

It all came at once, and there was no way to fight it. No more touring, stay at home, put everything on hold. With all the downsides of the lock down, there were a few days when I just felt free as a bird. I was out of reach, and it was alright. It has been a while since I have felt like that actually. And I believe we all needed it. We were able to just drift along and make music of whatever came to our minds.

Hier das Video zu „Everything Is Changing“

Cover & Tracklist

1. The Lonely Child
2. I Fly Among The Stars
3. Unnaturally Strange (?)
4. (I Won’t Leave You) Rosi
5. The World Is Standing Still
6. Eternal Light (We Will Be Ok)
7. Peculiareality (!)
8. Everything Is Changing
9. The Flat Earth Theory
10. Black Spring Rising

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