NUCLEAR – das Interview über “The Murder of Crows”

NUCLEAR – das Interview über “The Murder of Crows”

Nuclear aus Chile melden sich eindrucksvoll mit “The Murder of Crows” zurück. Wir schnappten uns die Herren, um über den neuen Silberling zu sprechen. Jener Silberling erscheint am Freitag, den 13. November 2020. Das Album kann bereits jetzt auf LP HIER bestellt werden.

Auf ein Wort!

Please introduce us yourself to the Thrash/Speed scene. Who is doing what?

A: Hi Kjo, many thanks for this interview! Nuclear is a 5-piece thrash band from Chile, South America. Matias Leonicio on vocals, Roberto Barría on bass, Punto Sudy on drums, Sebastián Puente on guitars and I, Francisco Haussmann on guitars as well. Been around the metal scene for 17 years (as Nuclear) and have 6 studio records under the belt.

When did you get the idea to create a band with the focus on Thrash/Speed Metal?

A: That started back in the mid-90s with our previous band “Escoria”. We were just a bunch of kids listening to bands like Kreator, Sepultura or Metallica. Soon after we decided to put together a band and the first ideas that came to mind were thrash riffs and fast tempos. We didn’t really think about it back then – it just went down like this.

What can you tell us about your new record? Where do you see a difference to your previous works?

A: It is definitely a more mature album with a tighter production. We tried to push the envelope and much as we could using a thicker sound and extreme vocalizations. Unlike previous albums, “Murder Of Crows” crosses the thrash metal barrier unintendedly. We weren’t thinking on changing, it just happened. We had 5 years to work for this album and many things happened during that time. The result was a very violent album both sound and lyric-wise.

What helped you to get a step beyond to reach the next level?

A: Consistency, I guess. We have experienced many bad moments as a band and many things did not happen as we expected. We are a very hard-working group of people and there were times when we felt pushed aside regardless of how much work we were doing. I think finding Black Lodge Records has allowed the band to breathe fresh air into our projects, too. We are where we want to be right now.

Very important during those times: Where can people buy your merch and music?

A: Sound Pollution Distribution is the official sales channel ( Regardless, you can find our music in many webstores such as Amazon, Nuclear Blast, Season Of Mist, Plastic Head Megastore and many others. For all those who want to find our latest music, just go and google “Nuclear Murder Of Crows”.

All right this is the real talk part. Which band had a major impact to your music?

A: Every single member of the band will probably tell you a different band and I think that’s the beauty of it. I’d say that Kreator is definitely one of them. We were 10 or 11 years old when “Coma Of Souls” came out and it caused a big impact on all of us. Soon after in 1992, Kreator turned out to be the first metal band to come to Chile after Pinochet’s dictatorship and that marked us all Chileans. Regardless of becoming a little bit more melodic, until this day, Kreator remains as one of our major influences. Mille’s songwriting is flawless.

Big four or teutonic four?

A: I don’t consider Metallica or Megadeth to be thrash bands anymore and I personally see more consistency in bands such as Destruction or Sodom nowadays. I will be very honest here, I was excited to see the big four getting together back then but the Teutonic four is something I would really love to see happen, so I would go for the Teutonic four.

Who wrote the most epic Thrash „intro“-Track? And why?

A: There are A LOT of epic intros along the way, but if I have to pick, I would go for Forbidden’s Parting Of The Ways or Kreator’s guitar start of When The Sun Burns Red. They are both flawless pieces of music and they fit perfectly in their albums.

What is your all time fav. Thrash record?

A: That’s a tough one – I have many thrash albums amongst my favorites and listen regularly. It must be Coma of Souls or Seasons in the Abyss.

Can you drop us your fav. record of 2020 so far?

A: Benediction – Scriptures

Do you have a Thrash Metal Idol? Singer? Guitar player?

A: I have always admired Jeff Hanneman’s songwriting skills and Mille’s lyrics.

Which LP artwork do you worship most and why?

A: Napalm Death’s Utopia Banished. I was very young when I bought that album and the artwork got my attention immediately. The social decay, the violence, that woman and kid wearing masks… I don’t know, it is how the world turned out to be at the end.

If you could which band would you allow to play in your house or backyard?

A: Good one. Municipal Waste would definitely be one of them. It would be one hell of a party!

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