Royal Tusk – Das Interview zu „Tusk II“

Royal Tusk – Das Interview zu „Tusk II“

Royal Tusk – Das Interview zu „Tusk II“

Royal Rusk aus Edmonton sind zurück und werden am Freitag, den 26. Oktober 2018 das neue Album „Tusk II“ veröffentlichen. Moshpit Passion schnappte sich Bassisten Sandy MacKinnon für ein sehr ausführliches Interview. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim lesen!

Mit Sandy im Gebspräch über „Tusk II“

You are back with a new record! Tell us a bit which things from your point of view changed when it came to writing and recording if you compare it to your first record?

One of the main things, which Iʼm sure you noticed right off the get go, was that our sound has gotten much heavier and much darker. The sound came together so organically, that it even surprised us. But when comparing to our first record, we sound much angrier.

What makes this new record so special for you?

Because it feels like we finally got our pace. We wanted to make a record that sounded sonically like we do when we are playing live. We wanted to capture that feeling, and personally I think we did.

Can you tell us the meaning behind „Aftermath“, „Under“ and „Control“? I love those tracks

Something I love about songs and music is it’s all subjective and up for interpretation, but this is what we were thinking of while writing these songs.

„Aftermath“ came together as a result of what it feels like to live in todayʼs world. Itʼs damn near impossible to turn on the TV and not get bombarded by all the atrocities that are going on around the world, it happens so much that eventually you almost become desensitized to it. When you look back at this in the future, will you see someone who had the guts to make a difference? Who and what will you see in retrospect?

„Control“ This song is about our relationship as individuals with structures of power (i.e. Schools, governments, economies, religions, etc) and how often the less powerful are preyed upon physiologically and otherwise by the powers that be. It is a song that calls one to recognize the value and sanctity of their own lives, and to move courageously forward with that in mind.

„Under“ is about feeling overpowered by your own emotions. As much as you try to use reasoning or logic to navigate a scenario, you are left at the mercy of what your heart wants, even if it leads you to loneliness and pain.

The voice of Daniel reminds me a bit of Richard Patrick (Filter). How often do you hear that? By the way I like it!

thatʼs one of the first times Iʼve heard that reference, I think that rules. Iʼve heard all sorts of comparisons, from Chester of Linkin Park to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden/audioslave. These are all amazing singers, to be compared to any of them I would think would be an amazing complement. Luckily for me, with him being the singer of the band, I also like the way Daniel sounds. Haha

For the people who never heard anything of you. Which three bands would fit to your sound?

Thatʼs a tough question to sort of nail down. We donʼt mean to sound like anyone but ourselves, but sometimes you canʼt help it, especially when you hear from other people comparing you to certain greats, that can feel pretty great. Trying to nail it down to just 3, hmmmm, thatʼs harder then I thought. How about I just name 3 bands that we are totally inspired by for our sound….

1) Soundgarden/Audioslave, 2) Nirvana, and maybe for a more current one…. 3) Mastodon

Which song is for you the most personal on „Tusk 2″?

Every song on the record I feel, and Iʼm sure like everyone else in the band also, feels like there is a little piece of them on every track. But if Iʼm to nail down 1, Iʼm going to say „Aftermath“. The message I feel is so strong, and this song really took some serious sweat while we were making it. To see it where it is now from where it started, is something that is so special to me. Also, it was the first new song we had available for our listeners is what felt like a very long time, so that was pretty kick ass also.

2018 is almost over. What are your plans for the rest of this year?

In little over a month, we plan on hitting the road on a cross Canada tour, supporting the band “Pop Evil”. I canʼt wait to get back on the road and see some old and new faces!…..oh yea, our new record, duh, “Tusk II” comes out at the end of October, so thatʼs super exciting.

Do you have plans to do a tour in Germany or Europe?

Nothing that is set in stone just yet, but I can almost guarantee that weʼll be back before you know it. Germany, much like the rest of Europe, have been nothing but supportive. The dedication and love everyone has been showing, have got all of us itching to get back over and play for everybody.

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell his or her first or last moshpit experience. Can you tell us a nice story?

The last time I spent time in a moshpit, was coincidentally thesame time I decided that maybe moshing is now a young mans/womanʼs game now. Having grown up in the heavy metal/punk and hardcore scene, gettin busy in the pit was nothing new. I would watch some of my favourites play, and Iʼd watch some of the more nimble individuals running across the stage and floating off while everyone caught them with the greatest of ease. Finally, with the help of about a dozen beers, my time had arrived. I climbed on stage, and in my head, I gracefully ran across the stage and executed a perfect front flip into the crowd….reality set in when I came back to real life after nearly knocking my own lights out. What I really did, was drunkenly get on stage, accidentally kick the guitarists pedals all over the place, scream into the mic, and then fall off the front of the stage. Nobody was anticipating catching me, even back then I was a big boy, so instead of floating like a feather, I fell like a sack of bricks to the floor on my back. I suppose if anything, I found out the quickest way to sober anyone up, that and

Iʼm probably not going to mosh anymore…..that is unless somebody makes me go wild, letʼs not say never! Hahahaha

Cover & Tracklist

01. First Time 03:48
02. Aftermath 03:29
03. Die Knowing 03:53
04. Stowaway 03:32
05. Freedom 03:34
06. Reflection 03:36
07. Control 03:23
08. Under 03:09
09. Northern Town 03:21
10. Long Shot 04:09

Daniel Carriere – Vocals/Guitars
Sandy MacKinnon – Bass
Quinn Cyrankiewicz – Guitar
Calen Stuckel – Drums

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