Stake – Das Interview über die neue Platte „Critical Method“

Stake – Das Interview über die neue Platte „Critical Method“

Stake haben Anfang November 2019 ihr neues Album „Critical Method“ veröffentlicht. Die Moshpit Passion-Redaktion findet, das Release gehört zu den Top drei Platten der Band-Diskografie. Daher mussten wir mit der Band sprechen! Die Übersetzung findet ihr in der gedruckten Ausgabe ab Freitag, den 17. Januar 2020 bei uns im Onlinestore.

Auf ein Wort mit der Band

You are back under the flag of Stake. I guess Stake is a reference to Steak which was a part of your old name right? But does the name/title mean?

Stake can refer to a ‘vampire’ stake or “the stakes are high”. Whatever you make of it. It’s a short strong name and our fans already called us stake anyways so it was easy to choose.

When did you decide to change the name? Was there a key moment?

We decide this after the kosmokoma cycle. We needed something new to keep us inspired. The key moment was when we were touring non-stop and felt it didn’t have a purpose. We needed a change.

With the change of your name, what else changed?

Our creativity has been insane since that decision. We have become closer than ever with the band on personal level.

A new name is also a new start. Which things do you want to do which you couldn’t do with Steak Number Eight?

As you kinda read above, we had more creativity so we could go any direction with the choice of our music. We were no longer attached to the post-metal/sludge ideal.

Would you describe your new record as a debut or follow up to „Kosmokoma“

Rather a debut. I think it sounds fresher and more raw then the spacey Kosmokoma.

I think your new record is your best record so for a incl. the Steak Number Eight era. In Belgium you are playing in big venues and in Germany more or less in small clubs. How does your plans look like when it comes to touring? Do you like it how it is or is one goal to play bigger venues?

Of course for us is bigger better. But don’t underestimate the power of small clubs. That’s where the first fans see you and meet you. That’s a very important pillar. That’s were fans make the decision to tell their friends about you and buy merch.

Let ́s talk about „Critical Method“. I want to give some songs more space. Can you explain the lyrics an meaning behind that tracks: „Doped up Salvation“, „Catatonic Dreams“, „Human Throne“.

Doped up salvations: it means a small rush of something won’t heal a bigger wound.

Catatonic Dreams: If you have a look: the lyrics can be taken in as a political issue with the
authorities or as a zombie apocalypse

Human throne: this is all about a morbid romance. Love that slowly takes each other down

What are your plans besides touring in 2020? Do you plan to release an EP or live record?

Working on our live-set and writing the second Stake album. Our fingers are tingling

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell is his or her first or last moshpit experience.

Brent jumped in the moshpit during the last pukkelpop-festival gig near Hasselt in Belgium. Some fans were holding him by the throat so he accidentally puked on 3 girls!

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