SULPHER – Interview mit Rob über “No one will ever know”

Sulpher - „No One Will Ever Know“ erscheint Ende August

SULPHER – Interview mit Rob über “No one will ever know”

Wir haben mit Frontmann Rob über das neue Album “No one will ever know“ in einem Interview gesprochen. Was wir sonst noch so besprochen haben, könnt ihr hier lesen.

Moshpit Passion im Interview mit Rob

Hi! Great that you put Sulpher back on the map. Your band is 19 years old. Can you give our young readers a brief introduction about your band?

Hello hello!

This is Rob , myself and Monti have been working together for many years now as the collective Sulpher. We are from the lovely land of England, we have a new album coming out on August 31st called “No one will ever know”. We had an album out prior to this one many moons ago. It was entitled “Spray” we will be out and about smashing the new and old songs live very very soon hopefully in a town near you!

Your last and first record was released in 2001. What were the reasons not to release any new records until now?

There were a few factors involved in this.

For me, It was a lot to do with finding the time to get into the studio to work on the music together I personally had a lot of touring commitments for many years with The Prodigy and Marilyn Manson which, to say the least had a massive effect on the time we were able to work on the Sulpher material, along with Monti becoming a father, plus also having to fund the entire album totally by ourselves. We were working on our own terms with no outside label influence whatsoever at the time. And It has been a painstaking process but well worth it! We are great friends so its always a pleasure to work together with a few arguments here and there. But ya know, for working together for over 15 years I can honestly say we’ve only had a couple of arguments or heated discussions ever, which is I think quite rare I think?

Between 2001 and now a lot of things changed. If you compare the music business around the release of your debut and now, what are/were the major differences between them?

Well lets see, Hmmmm I think for sure that the demise of the compact disc and also definitely the move over to the age of mp3 etc is a big one, also social media, it seems to have taken over the entire world and music industry which is a bit sad in someways I feel.

The title of the CD called “No One Will Ever Know”. But what will “no one” ever know?

If I told you that then the secret would no longer be a secret!

Which song is for you the most personal on “No One Will Ever Know”?

A lot of the songs on the album aren’t autobiographical, but they do have bits and pieces of parts of my life involved, I tend to write lyrics from an outer perspective , writing about a situation I can try to put myself into, seeing through the eyes of someone else in a certain situation, but I guess “You threw it all away” and ”Tomorrow” are pretty personal. There are a few on the record that have a deep personal meaning but those I would have to say are the closest to me personally.

Steve is known for his collaboration with Gary Numan and Rob with Marilyn Manson. What kind of things did you learn from them?

Myself and Monti worked on the Gary Numan “Pure” album where we did a lot of co-writing and recorded most of the instruments and then co-produced all the tracks also , it was very cool working with him as he pretty much would just send over a synth line and a vocal and we would add the rest . He really liked what we were doing and he gave us almost free reign on most of the tracks.

Manson is an amazing artist and performer and I feel is one of the only true real rockstars left on the planet , but one thing I must say here s that I think I actually taught Manson something , to maybe find the tv remote and hit the red button to turn off the plasma screen tv on the tour bus rather than smashing it which he seemed to really love doing! LOL, the smashing I mean : )

Sadly I missed you in spring when you toured in Germany. Do you have plans to come back?

We only did the WGT festival show in Leipzig and we are dying to get back over to play Germany after the album comes out – we love the German music fans. So yes we look very much forward to smashing it live over there again as soon as possible.

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell his or her first or last moshpit experience. Can you tell us a nice story?

I’ve seen many pits and circle pits at shows and festivals I think the best was a Pantera show, and for sure Slayer. When I was doing the Manson tour we did a summer run with Slayer throughout the USA so I got to watch the ever awesome Kerry King and Slayer every night which I mean who can complain. But some of the pits out front for those guys looked crazy, I would have actually been afraid for my own life diving out into that! So I stayed backstage in the safe environment of free beer and comfy chairs :O

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