Takida – Das Interview zu „Falling from Fame“

Takida – Das Interview zu „Falling from Fame“

Takida haben Ende August die neue Platte „Falling from Fame“ rausgebracht. Bereits der letzte Silberling von 2019 „Sju“ kam sehr gut in der Redaktion an. Daher wurde es endlich Zeit für ein Gespräch mit der Band.

Chris von Takida steht uns Rede und Antwort

Good to see that your new record hitted the Swedish top 10 charts (again) and also in Germany the top 20. Are you happy that people from different countries appreciate your music?

Yeah, we´re of course very happy to see that people seem to enjoy our music.

I really liked „Sju“ which came out in 2019. How sad is it for you that you couldn’t support it until now?

Chris: Thanks. Yeah, the pandemic has really had a serious effect for more or less everyone around the globe in different ways. We´re just grateful and happy that our families and loved ones, and ourselves of course, have managed to stay healty and safe.

What where your thoughts when it was clear that more or less promo and touring circle was over for „Sju“?

Chris: Even thou it of course was very sad to see everything close and pretty much the entire world get in to lock down, obviously the most important thing is the health and safety of everyone.

What was for you the motivation to write a new record? I saw that some big bands rereleased their records on vinyl or did a live record.

We were in the middle of touring cycle when the pandemic hit, so we didn´t have any plans on writing and recording a new album at that particular time. Like everyone, we had no idea how long this pandemic would keep pretty much the entire world in lock down, so after some time passed and tour after tour, show after show, job after job got cancelled, we simply decided to try and make the best out of these depressing times and see if we could come up with something creative by writing and recording a new album instead, which we did 🙂

A lot of songs are more melancholy than the songs on the previous records. Where did this mood come from?

We simply write and create whatever comes to us. We don´t have any plans on what type of song to write at any given time, the songs simply naturally turn out the way they do.

I really like „Goodbye“, „Morning Sun“ or „For the Last time“ and a lot more. The problem is that you released a lot records in the past. My question is how do you want to satisfy all fans in the future when you will play a tour? Will you play 90 minutes? Or will you play special shows?

Chris: Choosing which songs to play on a tour when you´ve released 8 studio albums is always difficult 🙂 It´s impossible to please everyone, and we have limited time on stage.

What can we see on the Cover? A person is standing in the whater and a bird is sitting on the head. Who got the idea for this?

Chris: The front cover photo was taken by Roberts wife Dea on a fishing trip to norhern Norway and is of a sculpture called Havmannen.

What are your next plans? Is it possible to see you this fall or winter live?

Next up for us is an arena tour in Sweden i december 2021 and after that we have a tour coming up in Germany in the beginning of 2022. The tour that was originally planned for 2020 that got postponed due to the pandemic. So fingers crossed that we have the hardest times behind us and that we can begin to get back to a somewhat normal world again from now on.

Cover & Tracklist

Falling From Fame von Takida Tracklist:

1. Goodbye
2. We Will Never Be
3. Meet Me Half Of The Way
4. You Will Never Leave Us Behind
5. Feel You Falling Away
6. In Spite Of Everything
7. Morning Sun
8. Let The Hammer Ring The Bell
9. For The Last Time
10. Reclaiming What Was Mine

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