Theresa von Yonaka im Gespräch über „Don´t Wait ´Til Tomorrow“


Theresa von Yonaka im Gespräch über „Don´t Wait ´Til Tomorrow“

Yonaka veröffentlichten Ende Mai ihr Album „Don´t Wait ´Til Tomorrow“. Wir sprachen mit Frontfrau Theresa über die Songs und Pläne der Band. Mehr Interviews findet ihr HIER oder HIER auf Youtube.

Auf ein Wort mit der sympathischen Frontfrau

Yonaka is an interessting name. For our German readers, how do you pronounce the name?

like this: Your-nahh-Kar

What does the band name means? What is the story behind the name?

the band name means “midnight”/”the dead of night” it is a japanese word. the name came before the band, i wanted it to be something dark and have depth and i liked what midnight represented but not the word.

You are a young band and you will release you debut record by the end of may. What were the
important milestones of your career?

We recorded and produced the whole record so that was a big milestone for us, we are now playing our own sold out headline tour another milestone and we also just got back from america which was our first time out there playing shows so that was another big one =]

Über die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Label

Your record will be releasesd on Warner Records which is one of the big major labels. How did that CoOp work out?

We have been signed to atlantic records for 2 years now they are a really good label . An a+r guy called matt chalk found a really crappy video recording of a song we had called run on youtube and it went from there.

You self produced your own record. A debut record is very special and important. How did yourlabel react with such kind of decision? Usally when it comes to a first release labels want a partner aside which is sticking by the band.

So we self produced the e.p “Creature” that came just before the album and we half produced the “Teach me to fight” e.p before that so they knew we were completely capable. When it come to recording and producing we really get stuck in and wont leave a song or a sound until it is where we want it. so we were in the studio for 16 hours a day every day in January in that time we recorded and produced the whole thing. we ave worked with some great producers but it felt necessary for us to do this and we are really really happy with how it has come out.

„Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow“ marks the name of the record. Would you say this is also the mission statement of the band? Why should people not wait until tomorrow

It’s a message that i want people to hear its a message to you to not leave things to late til it gets worse, reach out to someone, speak to someone. for me knowing i was not the only one who felt a certain way was really reassuring and helped me so i want to send the same message that you are not alone.

Über die Songs auf der Platte

I want to talk about some songs which I like. Could you tell us a bit about the meaning?

Bad Company: this song is about mental health, anxiety, depression about it just landing on you one day and not knowing what the hell to do with it, its me realising it doesn’t go away but you learn to live with it and learn how to keep it at bay it was having that realisation.

Awake: this was one of the first songs we ever wrote and i feel it changes meaning to me as time goes by. It’s about waking up to whats going on, its about being aware learning to be confident in your skin and taking control.

fired up: this is a song about love, about past love and how you carry that with you into new love but you need to let go and start again with a fresh mind else you curse that new relationship. its about falling in love again.

Tell us a bit about your plans for the time after the release. I there a tour in works?

we are planing another tour at moment around november time. cant wait to get back on the road with our fans.

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell is his or her first or last moshpit experience.

now im not much of a “mosher” but i recently got caught in one at bring me the horizons set at all points east it appeared right behind me then i was in it.. for a second or two.

Bildnachweis: Yonaka Website.