Thunder im Interview zu „All the Right Noises“

Thunder im Interview zu „All the Right Noises“

Thunder veröffentlichten im Frühjahr 2021 erst das neue Album „All the Right Noises“. Wenige Monate später erscheint nun das selbse Album inkl. Bonus-Tracks und einer DVD. Wieso man zwei mal das gleiche Album innerhalb weniger Monaten veröffentlicht, dass verraten wir euch im Interview mit den Jungs. Falls ihr das neue Album noch nicht haben solltet, dann können wir euch nur das dicke Package zu „All the Right Noises“ empfehlen. Das Cover und die Tracklist findet ihr weiter unten im Text.

Über das Re-Release zu „All the Right Noises“

Guys! Good to see that you are back or should I say back again? Do you ever expected such a positive feedback and high slot in the charts?

We never expect anything. After so many years, when we make a new album, we set out to please ourselves first, and then we hope our fans will like it too. Most of the time they do.

Who got the idea of the rerelease of „All the right Noises“?

It’s not a re-release. It’s an expanded edition of the original album, with a live performance DVD and a lot of extras added.

It’s a hard question but how do you convince your fans and people to buy the same record again after 6 months of the original release?

We don’t try to convince them to buy it. We release things we think they’ll like, but we can’t make them buy it, so we don’t try. Usually we would release an album and then go out on tour to promote it. The pandemic meant we couldn’t do that, so we decided to film a live studio performance, and stream it the weekend of the album release. It was not like a live show because there was no audience, though some fan club members joined us or some of it via video. After the stream ended, lots of fans told us they missed it, and asked us to release it on DVD. Our label advised us that there is no market any more for DVDs, so we agreed to add the film plus extra content to the album and make a 3 disc expanded edition. The price of the 3 disc version is only slightly more than the 2CD album, and around the same price as the last DVD we released, so we look at it like a new live DVD with a free album. It’s sold pretty well so far, so it seems plenty of fans see it the same way. Some don’t, but that’s OK, we know we can’t please everyone, and they might change their minds when they see how good it is.

I personally like the idea of the bonus tracks and a DVD which shows a live version of the new songs. What comes first in your mind when you thinking about the live show?

It has to have a good setlist, with a selection of songs that we know the audience will want to hear, plus new ones that we’re keen to play and promote. It gets harder to do with each new album of course.

MTV is dead and youtube is alive. Do you think bands should do more like what you did? A concert which is more like TV show?

I don’t recommend doing it the way we did it. It was an enormous amount of work, and it cost us a small fortune, but we were happy with the end result, so it was probably worth it.

I know that John Peel was big in UK and also MTV. Do you have still any kind of good music shows in TV or radio?

There are no music shows on regular TV anymore in the UK. That’s a shame, but there are a lot of rock radio stations, mostly digital ones.

I saw that you released your new record on different media types. But what about Tape? And what do you think about the old school vinyl revival?

I love cassettes. They sound terrible of course, but I’ve always loved the way they look and feel. I read something recently that said most people who buy vinyl don’t own a player, so they must be buying it just to hold in their hands and look at. I get that, I loved doing that when I bought albums as a kid, but of course in those days you had to have a player, as there was no other way to listen to it. Nowadays you can get a vinyl album to look at, and listen to it on so many devices at the same time.

What are your next plans? Is it possible to see you this fall or winter live?

Luke and I are doing a 2 man tour here in the UK in November to promote our new book, which is all about our 50 year relationship. Then Thunder will play 2 Xmas shows in December, and we’ll be playing 5 arenas next May, all in the UK. There will be some festival appearances in Europe, but we currently have no plans for anything beyond that. The world is still pretty screwed up right now, so we’re hoping all our plans will come good, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Can you drop us your first, last or a crazy moshpit experience from your point of view?

I can honestly say I’ve never been in a mosh pit in my life. The closest I came was when I was dragged off the stage into the audience during a show many years ago. It was exciting, but not something I’ve ever felt the need to repeat.

Cover & Tracklist


Last One Out Turn Off The Lights
The Smoking Gun
Going To Sin City
Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die
I’ll Be The One
Young Man
You’re Gonna Be My Girl
St Georges Day
Force Of Nature
She’s A Millionairess


The Fires That Roar
You’re Gonna Be My Girl (Live)
Destruction (Live)
Last One Out Turn Off The Lights (Live)
Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die (Live)
Going To Sin City (Live)
I’ll Be The One (Live)
She’s A Millionairess (Live)
Young Man (Live)


Thunder TV Special:

Last One Out Turn Off the Lights
She’s A Millionairess
St George’s Day
The Devil Made Me Do It
Going to Sin City
Don’t Forget to Live Before You Die
I’ll Be the One
A Better Man
The Smoking Gun
Force of Nature
Love Walked In
You’re Gonna Be My Girl
Young Man
Dirty Love
Behind The Scenes & Bloopers
Question Time

Promo Videos:

Last One Out Turn Off the Lights
Going to Sin City
You’re Gonna Be My Girl
I’ll Be the One

Audio Tracks:

Last One Out Turn Off the Lights (Single Edit)
You’re Gonna Be My Girl (Single Edit)
Destruction (Single Edit)
I’ll Be the One (Single Edit)
The Smoking Gun (Radio Session)

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