Venom Prison – „Primeval“ kommt im Herbst

Venom Prison – „Primeval“ kommt im Herbst

Venom Prison, die Ballerbude aus England meldet sich zurück und veröffentlicht im Herbst ein neues Album. Der Silberling nennt sich „Primeval“ und beinhaltet die bereist veröffentlichten EP’s „Defy The Tyrant“ und „Primal Chaos“. Eine erste Videosingle gibt es bereits mit „Defy The Tyrant“ auch:

Die Kapelle sagt über den Silberling:

This song is not only criticising organised religion and Christianity as a whole but also the ways in which it was spread across the whole world; resulting in genocide, rape, colonialism, slavery, misogyny and homophobia. It is this spirit of inherent superiority that characterised the attitude of the European nations as they expanded overseas, competing for colonial power and the conversion of “heathen” natives. Rather than standing up against the trans-Atlantic slavery, the church helped perpetuate the practice, endeavouring to support slavery on biblical grounds. Defy the Tyrant is as relevant today as it was five years ago. As long as there is a master in the sky, there will be slaves on earth.

Cover & Tracklist

01. Usurper of the Throne
02. Life Suffer
03. Mortal Abomination
04. Path of Exile
05. Defy The Tyrant (Video bei YouTube)
06. Babylon the Whore
07. Daemon Vulgaris
08. Narcotic
09. The Primal Chaos
10. Defiant to the Will of God
11. Slayer of Holofernes

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