SWMRS – Das Interview zu „Berkley‘s On Fire“

SWMRS – Das Interview

SWMRS – Das Interview zu „Berkley‘s On Fire“

Vor wenigen Wochen präsentierten wir euch die Review zu „Berkley‘s On Fire“ HIER. Nun folgt das Interview mit Chole von den SWMRS über die neue Scheibe und Pläne für 2019. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim lesen.

Im Gespräch mit Chole über die Platte & Band

Your name SWMRS is a shortcut of letters from the word swimmers. Here in Germany you can do different swimming badges upon your swimming skills. Which swimming badgewould you give yourself for your new record?

Whatever the most advanced one is! We are master swimmers

We have to talk about „April in Houston“. You are singing „Everybody wants to get me high“. What is the topic of the song? And high of what?

This song is about people wanting things from you all the time but not sticking around when you have nothing to give them except for things like love and understanding

The concept and topic behind „Berkeley’s On Fire“ is also a major topic here in Germany. A good example, last mont hone of the major magazines in Germany „Spiegel“(similar tothe TIMES magazine) fired the journalist Claas Relotiusbecause he faked a lot of articles and stories which he wrote togain more attention and awards (the short story). Unfortunately right wing people like Trump or in Germany the AFD party are claiming the media always as fake news. I think it is very sad as a neutral/left wing to have somethingcommon with those people because they are using thesesfailures/mistakes to get more aweness of their racist anddisdain of people views. Do you have a solution how we canwe trust the media again or do something different?

We have to trust each other more. All these politicians and corporations profit from separating us and fueling distrust with misleading information. The more we can try to trust one another when we are talking about real pain and struggle I think we can begin to dismantle these systems of oppression

Your record gave me flashbacks of some wild studentparties and the music playlists back then. There were bandslike Bonaparte – „Anti, Anti“, Two Door Cinema Club – „Can´t Talk“, Bombay Bicycle Club – „Magnet“, Snow Patrol – „Spitting Games“. Your singles „April in Houston“, „Berkely´s on Fire“ and „Trashbag Baby“ are just some songs of thenew record which I would also highly recommend on a goodplaylist. Which bands from your point of view would you addto the „Ultimate Party Playlist“?

I would add songs by no parents, Vince staples and Tierra whack. And blur!

Rich Costey produced your new record. How was it towork with him and who did he help you to devolop yourtracks?

It was really fun! He is very smart and is good at encouraging you to come up with your best ideas.

I like the design of your artwork of the new record and theposter for upcoming euorpean tour. Who did that?

I did (Cole)!

When you will do your european tour, will you have somespear time to visit the cities in which do you play? Do you remeber the German audience and how the shows from thelast time?

German audiences are the best! I’m really excited to visit Koln again because we love kolsch beer 🙂

What are your plans for 2019?

Going on tour and never coming home haha!

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell his or her first or last moshpit experience. Can you tell us a nice story?

My dad’s nickname is mosh pit mark because he loves going in the mosh pit – one time he broke his collarbone stage diving!

Cover & Tracklist

swmrs cover 2019

01. Berkeley’s On Fire
02. Too Much Coffee
03. Trashbag Baby
04. Lose Lose Lose
05. April In Houston
06. Lonely Ghosts
07. IKEA Date
08. Hellboy
09. Bad Allergies
10. Steve Got Robbed

Tourdates im Frühjahr 2019

Mi., 27. Feb. – Molotow Musikclub, Hamburg, Deutschland
Do., 28. Feb. – Musik & Frieden, Berlin, Deutschland
Mo., 04. Mär. – Strom, München-Freimann, Deutschland
Di., 05. Mär. – Luxor, Köln, Deutschland

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