Valley of the Sun im Interview zu „Old Gods“

Valley of the Sun im

Valley of the Sun im Interview zu „Old Gods“

Valley of the Sun veröffentlichen Ende Mail ihr neues Album „Old Gods“ und Moshpit Passion schnappte sich die Band für ein Interview. Was die Band über Songs, Texte und Pläne für 2019 noch so zu sagen hat, dass erfahrt ihr hier nur bei uns. Wenn ihr unsere Review nachlesen wollt, könnt ihr dies genau HIER tun. Folgt uns HIER auf Facebook um keine News mehr über die Jungs zu verpassen.

Im Gespräch mit Ryan: Über die alten und neuen Götter

You will be back in June with Valley and a new record which called „Old Gods“. What does the title mean?

The title is a reference to the things that once ruled us in life like belief systems, material possessions, drugs and alcohol, really anything that once had control of you or I or any of us. It’s a reflection on those things and their former and current value to us.

The first single called „Means the same“ what does that mean? What is the track about?

“Means the Same” is like saying “it is what it is” or “C’est la vie”. It’s often the reaction that we have to situations that are out of our control. The line that repeats itself in that song goes:

“No, I don’t purport to know anything of what I cannot see but kindness, rapport and affinity for something more than me.”

I’m basically saying that I have no answers and no underlying faith surrounding life’s ups and downs beyond the knowledge that there is something greater than us. Something incomprehensible and completely unknowable. It’s an admission of our insignificance, and of a realization that all we can do is ride the wave of existence, hoping for the best.

I like the structure of the record. There is always first a heavy rock song and than a calmer one. Was that planned or done by accident?

We thought long and hard about the arrangement of the tracks, and we’re really happy with where we ended up. The intention being to take the listener on a journey through all of the emotions and moods that the album has to offer.

For me „All we Are“ is summer song 2019 by your band Valley of the Sun! Tell us the story behind da track? Will you release that one as a single?

“All We Are” is another meditation on our insignificance. “All we are is nothing”. It speaks about the trap of desire… basically this endless turning of the wheel of Samsara, and how we might liberate ourselves by letting go of it and become free to see things as they truly are, which is an empty void, but is also all the contents and events within this mysterious universe. It’s a reassurance that nothing really matters, so rest and be kind. I don’t believe it will be released as a “single”, but a video is a good possibility.

From your point of view with which record from the past would you compare the new one?

“Volume Rock” is probably the closest cousin to “Old Gods”. It’s got some similarities between a few of the (aforementioned) rockers, but also a deeper exploration of the groovy psychedelia of songs like “Speaketh the Shaman” and “I Breathe the Earth”.

Which songs do like most of the new album? Tell us about three songs which you like and tell us the meaning behind them.

“Old Gods” and “Into the Abyss” are among my favorites, mainly because they both explore psychedelic themes and also have massive riffs. “Dreams of Sands” is another, primarily because of its lyrics… my favorite being “dreams of sands under feet, in hands, visit softly from forgotten lands”. It’s a testament to my lifelong love of the desert, and my constant desire to be there, cleansed by its warm winds and overwhelmed by its deafening silence.

If you could something change in the music industry, which things would you do?

I’d like more people to simply support the arts in general. It’s very time consuming and expensive to be an artist, musician, actor, etc., and the general public, particularly in America, treats art and music like entitlements, rather than appreciating that those creating it have devoted their lives to that pursuit and deserve to make at least a modest living off of their work.

When will VOTS come back to main land euopre? Any plans?

We return to Freak Valley Festival and make our debut appearance at Hellfest in June. Then in September and October we will be in Europe and Scandinavia on a headlining tour.

Our magazine is called Moshpit Passion and as the last thing our interview partner should tell his or her first or last moshpit experience. Can you tell us a nice story?

Man. I was 15 or 16 years old and had the nastiest time in the pit during Sepultura. They were on the “Chaos A.D.” tour, and it was completely badass. My parents didn’t allow me to go to shows, so I snuck out to that one. I got a black eye and had to make up a story when I got home to explain it. Pretty sure I told them I wrecked my bike, haha! It was an awesome show.

Die Tourdaten für den Herbst von Valley of the Sun

19.09.19 Stuttgart – Goldmarks
20.09.19 Münster – Rare Guitar
22.09.19 München – Feierwerk – Orangehouse
24.09.19 Dresden – Beatpol
28.09.19 Berlin – Cassiopeia
29.09.19 Hannover – Lux
30.09.19 Hamburg – Pooca Bar
10.10.19 Wiesbaden – Kreativfabrik
11.10.19 Jena – Rosenkeller
12.10.19 Köln – MTC

Cover & Tracklist

1. Old Gods
2. All We Are
3. Gaia Creates
4. Dim Vision
5. Shiva Destroys
6. Firewalker
7. Into The Abyss
8. Faith Is For Suckers
9. Buddha Transcends
10. Means The Same
11. Dreams Of Sands

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